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Vulcan Anchor 55kg (121lb) Stainless

Vulcan Anchor 55kg (121lb) Stainless


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The Vulcan is carefully designed to offer the greatest possible compatibility across a wider range of vessel bow configurations, particularly powerboats with a bow pulpit. It brings the security and reliability of the Rocna Anchor highly successful and popular with offshore cruisers and adventurers, to a wider range of boaters who we believe desire improved anchoring performance.

  • Legendary Kiwi design, leading the way in next generation anchoring
  • Instant set, self launching, rock solid holding power and resistant to wind and tide shifts
  • Carefully designed shank profile ensures a snug fit on the bows of a widely expanded range of vessels
  • Stainless Steel
  • 55kg (121lb)
  • Lifetime Warranty


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