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Featuring a wireless remote, the TROLLMaster Pro Angler Wireless has features like micro adjustments of your speed, Strike Mode, seamless integration with all Panther Steering Devices, and improved battery life.

The ‘Remote Only’ choice is compatible with existing TrollMaster wireless receivers.

TROLLMaster PRO Angler Wireless Features

  • Ergonomic Remote
  • Full Wireless Control
  • Water-Resistant
  • Backlight LCD Display
  • Powered by AA batteries for long battery life
  • Works with all Panther Brand Electro Steer Models

Manual Mode offers precision speed control at the push of a button, allowing you to adjust from 0-100% in 250 incremental steps. Add any Panther Steering Device to steer effortlessly using the keypad.

Strike Modeautomatically fine-tunes your engine speed based on your chosen speed profile. With four easy-to-adjust speed profiles, it simplifies the process of finding the perfect lure speed that will attract and entice fish to bite.

Additionally, you can count on long battery life to keep you in control and on the water for extended periods without worrying about power. The remote is designed to work seamlessly with all Panther Brand Electro Steer Models.

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