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TrollMaster Braided Cable for TM206HWKIT

TrollMaster Braided Cable for TM206HWKIT


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This replacement cable is designed to be used with TrollMaster Hardware Kit P/N: TM206HWKIT,

This replacement cable is made from 200lb stainless steel downrigger cable and measures 10Ó. Comes with one fixed loop to fit over the throttle mechanism of your outboard motor and one loose loop you pull open and thread the end through your TrollMaster Servo Motor brass barrel. See your motors installation instructions on the TrollMaster webpage for more details about installing this cable. Visit the TrollMaster web page for more information on these and other great products.

Can also be used with Hardware Kit P/N's: TM201, TM209, TM211, TM212, TM213 & TM214.

Does NOT work with the TM215 or TM216 Hardware Kits. Throttle Cable for TM215 & TM216 see P/N: TM31CBL.

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