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Panther Relay Control Assy

Panther Relay Control Assy


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Used with all Panther motor lifts and all Panther Electrosteer devices.

Runs on 12 Volts. Made with 12 gauge marine grade electrical wiring, heavy duty relay switches and a 25 Amp resettable circuit breaker. Controlled with either one of the Panther Switch Assemblies P/N: 99-55025 (12ft) or P/N: 99-55027 (24ft) connects with the mating three prong plug. Circuit board components are sealed in potting material to prevent moisture intrusion. Power lead wiring is wrapped in protective rubber shielding and the motor lead wires are wrapped in protective mesh covering for added protection. Battery Leads are 3’-6in in length and have 3/8in Ring Terminals for easy installation on your battery. Motor Leads feature a molded two prong plug and are 6 Ft in length, all Panther actuators and Electrosteer steering devices use the same style two prong plug. Steering lead wiring extensions (10ft) are available if needed, see P/N: TM81605. Panther Wireless Relay and Fob P/N: 55-0105 available. Visit the Panther web page for more information on these and other great products.

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