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5/16-15x9/16-250 Double Braid Anchor Rode

5/16-15x9/16-250 Double Braid Anchor Rode


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These pre-spliced anchor rode packages combine double braided nylon rope with G43 High Test chain, joined together with a strong, low-profile rope-to-chain splice.

An excellent alternative to three-strand rodes and custom-made for the rope/chain gypsy on your modern windlass. Braided rope is more flexible than three-strand and easier on the hands, but with lower stretch.

Key Features

  • Pre-spliced G43 ISO High Test chain with double braid nylon rope 
  • 150' to 200' line lengths have 15' of chain, 250' line lengths are available with 15' or 20' of chain, 300' line lengths have 20' of chain 
  • Convenient pre-spliced rope chain combination pack
  • Pre-tested through windlass gypsies
  • Marking tape included in the package
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